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  • 2/5/2015

  • 2/9/2015

  • 6/16/2015
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No Objection Letter

Launching of the No Objection Letter (NOC) - Embassy of the Republic of Sudan

The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan has activated the NOC as part of
the academic admission process of the Sudanese students, since the 1st of October 2014, in the Educational Institutions in Malaysia.


In this regard, The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan would like to convey the following:

1-     All Universities are requested to send a representative on behalf of the student to the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, in order to complete his registration process, to verify whether the University is on the list of Educational institutes in Malaysia advised upon and supported by the Embassy.

2-  This support provided to some institutions is solely based on the institution's track record in the areas of visa renewals for the students.

3-     The Embassy took this step in order to ensure the wellbeing and welfare of all the Sudanese students in Malaysia and to protect them from any inconveniences that may arise, from the inefficiency in renewing their visas, with the respected authorities in Malaysia.

4-      The University should not receive any fees (academic fees, registration fees, etc…) from the students before obtaining the NOC mentioned above.

5-     The fee for issuing an NOC is RM100 per student.

6-     The University shall be removed from the non-advised list, should they provide hard evidence of improvements within their system and to grant assurances that such cases do not occur in the future.

7-     The non-advised list is dynamic and will be changed periodically depending on the performance of each university within the time frame of the analysis period.    

We hope your esteemed institution will co-operate with regard to the above-mentioned procedure in order to validate the enrollment of Sudanese students in your educational institution in the future.