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  • 6/16/2015


CNUP Affirms its Support to Negotiations
Khartoum, Aug. 14 (SUNA)- The Secretary General of the Council of National Unity Parties, Abboud Jabir, has affirmed the council's support to the current negotiations in Addis Ababa between the government and the People's Movement (North Sector) on the one hand and between the government and the Darfuri armed movements on the other hand. At the symposium organized by the General Union of Sudanese Students Sunday in SUNA, Abboud said that success of the negotiations necessitates big concessions to be given by both sides for the interest of the national project. He asserted support of the Council of National Unity Parties to current negotiations which represent a mechanism for achieving solutions and national accord. He appreciated signing of the Sudan Call forces to the African roadmap, stressing that the national accord will move ahead strongly. He said that the Sudanese people and the political forces are looking for a comprehensive national accord. Jabir has called on Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nur, the leader of the rebel Sudan Liberation Movement to participate in the national dialogue which is considered a project conducive to boosting the stability in Darfur. He said that accord has been reached in 97% of the national dialogue issues, adding that 13 controversial issues, representing the other 2.5% of the dialogue issues, necessitate carrying out national action by the politicians. He revealed that a committee was formed to narrow the difference in the controversial issues toward achieving agreement before convocation of the general conference of the national dialogue on October 10.